Destiny by Andrea

When Peg suggested “destiny” as our topic I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to share.  Our lives here in NJ, on the farm, are extraordinarily blessed for reasons I cannot comprehend. Then something happened this week that made me realize why destiny is troubling for me. My birthday just passed and my daughter had given me an iPod. I’ve had mp3 players and could never quite figure out how to download anything and thus I was surprised when Danielle told me that is what I had asked for hmmm.  So after a few days and a few outbursts and threats of throwing this thing away and exclaiming, “what kind of company makes things that are so difficult to work?”… ugh. It wouldn’t be so hard getting old if the stuff around me didn’t keep getting newer.  This thing is three inches long and an inch wide with these little tiny ear buds that blast a beautiful sound. Amazing.

     So I’m listening to this song.  Bryn Waddell’s, ‘Nothing but the blood’ and I am melting… my soul is crying out for a touch… only by the blood of Jesus and I am immersed in thoughts of Jesus, the cross, His blood that stands in my defense, His grace, and I am utterly undone.  Weeping and although I am sitting in my chair in front of my computer, I am spiritually prone before my Lord.  When my unsuspecting husband lays his hand on my shoulder and I scream. I mean I scream!!  I have this high startle response. My family is aware that it is never good to come around the corner or to scare me, it’s not funny when someone screams in genuine terror, even if it is a momentary thing. This is what my life in Christ is like… I am totally immersed in His grace, love, presence and then I look around at all the lost people, the hurting, the sick and the world crashes in on me and I am momentarily in terror until I get my bearings and then I adjust and once again I fix my eyes on Jesus and am reminded that the Lord is still on His throne and He is still Lord and King, over this broken and often terrifying world. 

     I am already living my destiny. I say this with tremendous enthusiasm and intensity.  I have been found and I am walking in the presence of Christ.  I am aware that most people think this is utterly insane. This Christian life is insane. There is nothing ‘sane’ about the Lord of glory coming to earth and even less sane about His presence in my life, but there He is and I know I am not alone. There are millions and millions of people who belong to this life in Christ… destined to spend eternity with Him and our eternity has begun. I think many people assume eternity begins when they die but that is not what I have found and it is not what I understand from the scriptures. The kingdom of God is all around us, we just need to step into it. Although in this life I am but a shadow of what I will be I know that I sit in heavenly places, that angels pray and sing and stand guard over me.

     I’m writing this so that people who don’t understand can get a glimpse and those that do understand can find the words…. When everyday can be a joy and a wonder because Christ has risen and we are destined to live and reign with Him. Hallelujah!!

    I am on a journey, it began in this corruptible body but will end in an incorruptible body when Christ returns to rule and reign over His new creation. As we eagerly wait, do not forget the journey has begun, I am living my destiny in Christ. 

    God Bless, may you know the joy of living in Christ our Savior, andrea

4 thoughts on “Destiny by Andrea

    • Love this, Andi! This made me chuckle, but it is very profound. I agree with Charles, and also love the statement :I have been found”. A pleasure to read this


  1. I like that you brought up something I think most believers, including myself, need a reminder of. That our life with Christ begins at the moment we accept Him into out hearts.


  2. first I want to say why didn’t I know it was your birthday?!…and how long did it take for everyone to recover from the scream…lol…when thinking of ‘destiny’ I always think of this scripture in Jeremiah: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you…” thanks for reminding me!


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