Something Different

It’s been a while since we’ve posted to our blog.  We all took a much needed sabbatical through the Christmas season to relax and enjoy family and friends.  But, we are back!

For this month of January, 2015, we are not all blogging on the same subject.  We are all writing what we feel we would like to convey to you, our readers. I will not know what anyone’s topic is until they submit it.  I always post them as soon as I can after they are submitted, so you will know when I do what everyone is working on.

The first to submit is Ronda, and I can tell you it is well worth the read!  Once again, she articulates what many of us already know, but somehow feel disconnected to the thought.  I am always edified by her writings, and encourage you to not only read her here, but also on her own sight, the Kelbey Chronicles.

I will be posting my blog soon;  my topic is “Unlovely”.  I don’t know what Barb and Andrea are doing, but I know the will be good!  Please take the time to read us–we appreciate your feedback and thank you for taking the time!

Our prayer for all is that 2015 bring you a year filled with all of God’s blessings!


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