Selah by Andrea

When Jesus said, my sheep hear my voice and follow.  We can hear His voice today. He who spoke the universe into existence still speaks today.


Selah, consider this word, weigh it and see its value. David uses Selah as hear me and embrace the wisdom I have given you. Any time we stop and choose to consider His ways, His thoughts and the impact they have on our lives, we are hearing the Lord embracing us, growing us and knowing us.

I once heard a teaching that suggested we chew on each scripture until we have gathered everything it can give us. Our lives are full of moments to ‘chew’ on… times when we need to fully digest all that the Lord is giving us in that moment or through an experience. Only then can we fully receive the lesson of our lives. If as believers we know the Lord is with us, then we know He is teaching us, guiding us and directing our steps. In submitting our wills to the Lord, we must hear and agree, His ways are better than our ways. Our ‘amen’ must reach His ‘amen’ and then His will will be done.

I think that most of us are uncertain if our lives are in God’s will. It is helpful to examine our walk with the Lord and ponder the impact we’ve had on someone else’s opportunity to receive Christ. In other words, on another’s eternity. If our lives were spent sharing Christ with only a few people, how do we measure the value of an eternity? Just one is infinite.

Selah… consider this… close your eyes and pretend you have never read a book, heard a sermon or known anything about scripture and you meet Christ. You meet Him as He met Peter, James or Mary Magdalene. Think of yourself as the woman at the well. There you are at a well drawing water and this man tells you He has water that will never make you thirst again. Living water. Before this day, everything anyone has told you, is that you are NOT good enough for God and now, there God sits with you. He is looking into your heart and telling you He has water for you. Jesus went against all the conventions of His day, He spoke to a woman, she was not of His sect. She was considered unclean and yet He offers to her, living water and with it eternal life. Then Jesus spends two days teaching the Samaritans everything they needed to know about the kingdom of God. While we spend lifetimes and run ourselves ragged trying to learn that simple lesson, drink and you will never thirst again.

So I say, Selah, consider this… and when you are unsure of your salvation, when you thirst for more remember it is Christ who has accomplished your salvation. Its value is infinite and it was bought with a precious precious price. The most important part of scripture was love your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength and your neighbor AS yourself. Think about this…. in it hangs everything the Lord ever spoke through the law and the prophets… and if you find you can not love someone, be kind.

God bless, andrea

One thought on “Selah by Andrea

  1. Andrea, I love what you said about reading the book like you have never read it before, picturing yourself in the scene. I don’t know if you have ever read anything on the prayer discipline of contemplative prayer but that is exactly the idea. Some people refer to it as lectio divina. It is practiced more by denominations that have lectionary readings, like Catholics and Lutherans. I actually used to go to a Catholic prayer house in Burlington just for this type of prayer. Silent prayer or you could say Selah prayer. It nourishes the spirit. Probably another reason I encourage soaking in God’s Presence. I equate it to beholding the beauty of the Lord. In that case, no matter what internal turmoil is rearing its ugliness, you end with a cup that is running over with His grace, peace and presence. Encouraged.


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