#Searching by Andrea

I am not going to attempt to explain how we search for the things of this world.  When I was young, we went to the library for our information.  Today we have a world of libraries at our finger tips.  Yet we don’t seem to be more intelligent or any happier for all the convenience of the internet and it’s searching tools…

     I thought when I first saw # searching…. “searching for something worth dying for”. It seems that is the one thing we all have in common. A need to have something worthy of our life… something to die for. Yet Christ has asked us not to die for Him but to live for Him. We are to live honestly, openly proclaiming our faith and openly confessing our sins one to another. The search ends when we stop trying to find Christ and ask Him to unravel the desires of our hearts. I personally ask the Lord to make my desires align with His, simply bc I’ve learned that is the path of peace and wholeness in my life. But I am fully aware others have a different idea about what Christ wants or expects. I laugh as we “the church” tries to align itself into an image of Christ that we have found. If and when the body of Christ ever looks up, we’ll see that everyone has their own image, their own desires, their own searching tool for what they deem important in their lives. Even in something so important as our view of God.

     There is nothing I have that is worthy of the life Christ gave for me. There is no reason to search anymore. No reward, or idea that I need to search out… today I only wish to end the search and accept the gift of life, given through Christ. A life, I believe will be eternal but not one that begins after this life but one that began when  Christ was speaking the worlds into existence. Did He see me as I am today? I can’t answer that but my sense is that He did. There is no striving or searching that will change what Christ saw as eternity proceeded from the sound of His voice.

     The day I found Christ or rather, realized Christ in my life, the search was over. Only the accepting is left. Only the need to receive all that has been provided for me and those who have chosen to follow Christ with me…. what ever that looks like: Catholic, Protestant, Charismatic, denominational or by what ever name we have chosen to divide this body of Christ. My search is over, it is time to enjoy the journey.

     As Resurrection Sunday (Easter)  approaches I am aware of His presence in my life but I’m also aware of His presence in your life. In the lives of those who choose another path, of those who do not choose Christ. The Lord makes it rain on the just and on the unjust. His Spirit touches His followers and those who choose not to follow. So I ask everyone everywhere…. ask Him. Are you in my life? Do you have a plan for me? Open yourself to the possibility of Our Creator, God as a searching tool. The next time you have a question search #Lord Jesus, do you have my answer?

God bless, may you come to know the comfort and love of our Savior Jesus Christ as we celebrate the victory of the cross, His death for our life, andrea

3 thoughts on “#Searching by Andrea

  1. Love this Andrea! Once we find the Lord our search for the meaning of life is over but our life has really just begun. Jesus is the answer! Thanks for sharing.


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