One Day by andrea

One day

The birth of Christ is something our family celebrates 365 days a year, Christmas is when the world celebrates His birth together. 

I’ve been told that my rather large family looks on me as a bit over zealous about my faith. I don’t argue that point, I only wish they knew the joy it brings me to have Christmas everyday. To wake to music that celebrates our Savior’s birth and to be reminded to care about my neighbors, to love my enemies and to help feed the poor through all seasons. 

I personally find food drives for Thanksgiving and Christmas somewhat annoying. We give one family enough food for one week, for a single day. The advertising and work put into just one day, spread across the year would seem to me to be far more productive… ? but I’m encouraged that people care enough even if it is for just a little while.

This year something unique occurred for my Christmas. I’ve been involved on Face Book (FB) pages within my own small community. I read how some of my FB neighbors were helping local families. I heard about families that desperately needed toys for their children, used toys. Anything to put under a tree for Christmas morning and many needed a tree. The stories emerged, the one who had their toddler run over by a lawn tractor, after the numerous surgeries and days missed, the father lost his job. Resulting in the loss of their home, then all of their belongings when they couldn’t pay storage fees. I could feel the hurt and only imagine the pain. Even as they were now moving into a trailer, with six children. With nothing. 

As we reached out to this family to help, more families reached out for assistance. Not so their children could have more but so they could have something. I met a few of the (FB) people who were helping these families and heard their own stories. This is an amazing group of people. Some of the most giving people were on unemployment, they needed beds for their own kids. They were helping other people who needed blankets and necessities for their families. There were people who had not eaten in days, it does little good to ask, how does this happen in my upper middle class town? It is happening. Then these FB angels, collected goods and food, one a mother of four, spent Christmas Eve driving to a strange place to deliver food and blankets to complete strangers.

Another family on the move, having their own life drama says, “I have some toys would you pick them up?” My husband then finds out these toys can actually fill a pick up truck. Used beautiful, desirable toys for kids who love trendy toys, new bikes, jewelry and gifts for some of the moms. All for families who would never be able to pay $50 for Monster High dolls with their accessories. The craziness of sorting and distributing these toys and then seeing the tears shed by mothers who would come and say,”thank you” for a donated used toy. All this made Christmas hectic, over-whelming, busy and wonderful. 

With each family I shared how Christ is working in their lives, even in their needs. How He loves them with an extraordinary love. I shared with some “the mortality rate will always be one hundred percent” so live today, pray today, for just this little while enjoy today. Knowing that when you put on Jesus Christ, you put on immortality and you have joy in all situations even in the suffering.

In the end, I was so blessed. Blessed by those that struggled to make ends meet. By those that even in the midst of their struggles reached out to others to help. Blessed by those that donated 
more then they could afford. I was truly blessed. I who needed nothing, needed them to need me, even if just for one day. 

Merry Christmas every day… andrea

6 thoughts on “One Day by andrea

  1. Your blog was beautiful and I feel the need also to reach out to others not just during the 13 or so holidays this nation celebrates but on an everyday basis. Most of us are blessed to have more than we need. Those that truly need seem to be in the shadows. We don’t see them, they aren’t on the tv, they aren’t all standing on the street corners. This time of year they are hungry and cold. I went on line to find local groups that have a direct contact with those I might help besides the red cross or the salvation army. Send me a link or make a few suggestions so that I might be able to have a more direct and a more personal ability to give to those in need in my own community. I know that I am blessed not only because I have more than I need; I am blessed because the Lord opens my heart and my eyes so that I can be a blessing to others. I am thankful everyday that the Lord has done such a wonderous thing and made sorrow a source of encouragement. Thank you for sharing, Michel

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    • It is such a wonder that the Lord has touched our once chaotic family and drawn us closer, given us such empathy for others and healed so many of the scars of childhood. You are so often a blessing and an inspiration. Thank you dear sister, I look forward to seeing His hand move over not only your life but your art. Love ya, A-


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