The Way of Life by Peggy

If you are like me, as the year comes to a close, I become contemplative about life.

I’m not thinking about the meaning of life, as some might imagine I would. Instead, I think about the way of life: how I move and transition as I pass through what seems to be the shambolic disaster of this chaotic world.

I have worked for several years as an IT specialist in behavioral health organizations. While I don’t deliver services to clients, I do interact with many as well as therapists, program directors, and administrative staff.

I have seen many people who are just plain overwhelmed by life’s circumstances, and seem to lack the coping mechanisms to get through it and move on. Their lives seem to be blocked, as they can’t seem to get out of the pit they have fallen into. It is heartbreaking and frustrating all at the same time to watch. All of these folks have been diagnosed with some kind of disorder, and they need the help of professionals and support of society to keep moving.

But for the rest of us, how do we keep moving? How do we get through the tragedies of sudden death, sickness, financial burdens, or watching a loved one spiral out of control? How do we handle the blessings? Do we take them for granted, or abuse them in some way, or do we appreciate them and walk in humility? So many things come at us, vying for our attention, that it is overwhelming. Did you ever feel that there is a time that you just can’t breathe from the weight of it all? I know I have.

Someone asked me once how I just continue on in every circumstance. She called me a “steady Eddy”, one who stays consistent in every situation, good or bad. My answer: I don’t ask “why?” anymore when I see tragedies or come upon difficult circumstances, or even when I am blessed beyond anything I deserve. I have found that asking “why” seems to be an exercise in futility. Instead, I have learned to ask “what did I learn from this?”

Once I start digging into the “what” of it instead of the “why”, I seem to find some answers. I have come to realize that everyone who crosses our path in our journey of life, crosses it for a reason. We may never know the reasons, but I believe everyone we meet is a divine appointment—ordained by God.

Every circumstance, whether a blessing or a tragedy, is a learning experience. Many lessons learned are difficult to swallow, but life- growing nonetheless. When I look back on life in general, there is one thing, one truth, that I have learned to be consistent no matter what: that God is who He says He is. It really is as simple as that, yet so profound!

He is the light of the world—the beginning and the end. He is purity and righteousness and holy. He is with us in every circumstance, good or bad. His word is enlightens us with revelation: “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Ps 119:105, 130; 43:3; 56:13).

Our place in all of this? Simple: we are called to walk in His light, to be His image bearers and couriers of His presence. We are to bring comfort to those who mourn, feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor, pray without ceasing for those that are or seem to be lost or are drowning in confusion and heartache, as He does all of these things for us.

As we move forward into a new year, I challenge you to do the same: Look back on this past year and ask yourself what you have learned in every circumstance. Whether you have had a great year, or 2015 may have been mediocre, with ups and downs, or if you may have been thrown into an unimaginable situation. Ask yourself how you have seen God this past year. Maybe it was in silent meditation, or seeing Him evidenced in another person. However He has revealed Himself to you, make note of it, and learn what you are to do with it.

My prayer for you for 2016 is that the revelation of God in your life is shown in new ways, that you come to a deeper understanding of Him, and that you are blessed with health, happiness and prosperity!

Happy New Year, one and all, and thank you for reading our blog—we all appreciate you!

4 thoughts on “The Way of Life by Peggy

  1. Such wisdom in this post Peg. Thank you. It isn’t easy dealing with the difficult issues of life, but I think you share a deep truth in stating that the question isn’t “why”. We may never get the answer to that question. There is definitely something to be said for being teachable…having a teachable spirit. We can learn from the most difficult of situations and I think too is grace. Thank you.


  2. As always Peg, you never disappoint! There are many situations in life, that I learned some circumstances need to be put on a shelf and to trust God. We all know this is not easy but I found it gets easier the longer we walk with the Lord. Life is one big teachable moment!!!!!


  3. I think the feeling of “wondering how to cope in chaos” is the very picture of the disciples at the foot of the cross. In life I’ve struggle, I’ve been scarred and wondered how will I cope? Years of coping have taught me that those scars are often the one thing I have in common with that stranger I meet. Then I am linked to that person through our common struggle. If I never struggled, I wouldn’t have the scar to feel their pain to have that moment when I share “But God”. So many people need to hear, “But God” did this and God took these circumstances and used them for my healing and possibly, for their own healing.
    Only Christ brings life from death… how would we know the sorrow if we never experienced it? Or the victory if we never had to overcome. In Christ we ‘put on’ immortality… wow! We wear our victory. It might look like a scar but really it’s a medal.
    I am often overwhelmed “but God” has never allowed me to be overcome. Thanks for sharing and putting those feelings into words.
    ………And yes, I need to take notes. Maybe thats what these blogs are for, journaling the victory. Amen!


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