Silence by Peggy

I remember the days when the kids were all little and there were several cousins and/or friends over, playing.  Normally they would be outside, but on rainy days, they were cooped up inside.  The decibel level was off the charts in the house on those days!  While I have always loved the sound of kids at play, there would inevitably come a point in the day when I craved a break.  The quiet moments were easy to achieve back then. By calling a time-out, or bribing them with popsicles and pudding I could get a welcome respite from the frenzy.  I cherished it.

The noise that assaults my senses now is not from rambunctious children. It comes from the “talking heads” on the TV news, and the rantings on the Facebook and other social media outlets.  It just never seems to turn off, does it?

The odious cacophony coming from politicos seeking election, the pummeling of rantings and half- truths constantly in our social media streams all seek to convince us that their voice is THE voice, the only one worthy of being heard. I feel that the louder and more obnoxious the voices become, the less anyone listens. Even if I agree with what is being introduced, I don’t want to read or listen because of the manner in which the subject is broached. I try to tune it out, to scroll past it all as I lurk, searching for the feel-good posts of kids and puppies.

The disturbing result of the banshee-like posts is the deafening sound of silence. Unlike the covetous quiet that ensues when the graceless masses are shushed, I fear the silence of the righteous and level-headed is interpreted as a thunderous roar of acquiescence to those boorish mouthpieces.

While there are times when silence is indeed, golden, there are times when it is harmful.  It is time for the well-spoken among us to speak up and be heard.  There are serious issues in our society, and very quick changes afoot.  Where is the voice of the majority?  The tide of acceptable behavior is being turned by the smallest of rudders, while the anchor is ignored.

Why don’t we hear from those that know how to string together a grammatically correct sentence and present it in a clear, concise manner?  I find that I am one of the guilty, just rolling my eyes and making my case in my own head, unheard by those that need to listen.

Contrary to what one may think, I don’t maintain my silence because I am afraid of criticism or of the challenge of a different opinion, or even of being verbally attacked by those that think differently than I.  I find that I am silent because I don’t wish to be baited into battle. But, while I am weary, I do think we need to stand up and be counted.

Years ago when the health curriculum at one of my children’s school got way too sexually oriented and explicit, I went to the teacher, principal and other parents, and, collectively, our voice was heard and the curriculum modified to a more age-appropriate learning experience.  We didn’t rant or scream; we presented our case in a non-threatening manner, well-thought out, and articulated exactly what we wanted to say, making a clear and concise point. We got their attention and they listened.  They didn’t all agree, but they respected what we said because we were non-confrontational and well-versed on the subject.  We did our homework before we opened our collective mouths, and it paid off.

I have seen two videos the last two days explaining the changes to the health and family curriculum in the public schools in two different States.  I have not verified the validity of either video, so I won’t go into details here, but it has been suggested that the school boards have acted against the will of the parents to introduce new courses to the children concerning sexually explicit content.  If this is true, the battle is even more than the one I fought all those years ago.  While I faced everything at a local level, today’s issues are fought on a world-wide battlefield, a tangled web, indeed.  It will take more than the voices of the local parents.  It will take us all.  Woefully, this is only one example.

I am, indeed, tired of the rantings on social media, in the news and so many other outlets.  I don’t listen to them, but I do hear them.  My silence does not indicate my agreement with them, or my total ignorance of the situation; it simply means I have chosen thus far not to engage.  I think now it is time to be heard.  It’s time to pay attention and have the conversations. The future of our children’s children depend on it. I feel it is our reasonable service.

What is the topic that is bothering you most right now?  Go ahead—I’m listening.

“A word fitly spoken (is like) apples of gold in pictures of silver”.  Prov. 25:11

12 thoughts on “Silence by Peggy

  1. We all have issues we would love to see changed in this world. Silence is the same as apathy. Having said that, ranting on social media isn’t any better. Words are more powerful than weapons, but we must know the time in which to voice them. I, like you, do not choose to argue every point, but when I KNOW I need to speak up, I do just that. I applaud you for your strong voice and knowing when to use it. Great post!


  2. Such turmoil I feel, I have to turn them off. I can’t ignore what is happening around the world but it reminds me of the times I’ve hunkered down in the basement waiting for the hurricane to pass. Knowing there will be a huge mess, praying we all just survive. Hoping we have the backbone to repair the damage that’s coming. All I can tell people about this world today and the decisions of a handful of leaders is “I’m stunned”. And I feel responsible, what did we neglect, where did we get so off course and how will the Lord make this right. Prayerfully, knowing He is able to use the jawbone of an ass, He can use Donald or Hilary. I feel like we didn’t decide who ran. It was a decision made clandestinely in some back room. History will tell. While Christians are dying around the world, I can’t feel too sorry for us as a nation but as “the church”.; we need to pray and reach out knowing every heart is just as important to the Lord as a nation. So.although I have no effect on this election, I can be effective in Christ. In this I find my solace, my hope and peace. God bless, andrea


  3. When I begin to get angry thinking how corrupt our nation is at this point, I think back to Jesus’ time. Historically, all governments have been run by deceivers, and have been corrupt. And Jesus never did mess with it. He took more of a Grassroots position and tried to change the hearts of individual people -instead of trying to change the government itself. I think we need to stick to that because things are too out of control at this point for even our voices to make a difference, at least in the large arena. Prayer is our loudest voice.

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  4. What do I say…powerfully and succinctly stated! The voices all around vying for our attention is an onslaught to the senses and the spirit. I WAS a political junky. I studied politics in college and really enjoyed studying it etc. But this season I have really backed away from it because of the level of deception and media manipulation that I believe occurs. I watch the news with the hubby and commit to watch the debates so I am not totally ignorant but I still believe that God doesn’t intend to deliver us through a system that is so contrary to His Kingdom. If anything He will use it to dismantle wrong structures so that the church can take its rightful position. My prayers are for us as His body that we can deal with the issues that cause our divisions rather than looking at a dysfunctional world that should be looking and seeing us manifest His Kingdom.

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    • amen and amen! I am holding my tongue on the elections (still waiting for the dark horse 😉 ), but will speak up on some other issues as they cross my path and as the Lord leads. I will refuse to be a screaming mimi, though. Yes, we must deal as a body for sure!


  5. Peg, great thoughts and insight. For me the frenzy of loudness is more often from my own mind – keeping focus on what matters most – the hunger for being in His presence, hearing His heartbeat, His whispers in the silence. Thanks for your faithfulness.😘

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  6. I agree that sensible voices need to speak up. At the same time, I’ve also studied Communications. A voice begin to speak louder and louder when that voice feels like their message wasn’t heard. We need more than sensible and calm voices; we need diplomats who know how a gentle word can turn away anger.


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