FLOATING by Barbara

When I think of floating, it reminds me of being in a place of total peace and relaxation. I generally feel like I’m floating when I listen to good worship music and just soak in it. I feel like I floated right into the presence of God. If we are floating we are not sinking therefore by floating we are trusting God.

One of my favorite songs is “Oceans, Where Feet May Fail” by Hillsong United. If you haven’t heard it, you can find it on YouTube. The song is a description of trust. I envision it as God calling us to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone and may appear impossible like walking on water. Although we might be surrounded by mayhem that would cause fear, we walk out anyway, our feet walking/floating on top of the ocean. Our trust is without restraints and we will do whatever He calls us to do because our eyes are not on the waves, they are on Him.

This is a place we should all strive for. We only see float mentioned a few times in the Bible. The story that amazes me is in 2 Kings 6. The prophets are telling Elisha that the place where they meet is too small. They propose to Elisha that they go down to the Jordan River where there are plenty of logs to build a new place. Elisha agrees and goes with them. The boys are cutting the logs when one loses his axe head when it falls in the river. He is upset since the axe was borrowed. He tells Elisha, and Elisha asks where it fell. Elisha throws a stick in the spot and the axe floats to the surface. What captivates me about this story is that Elisha had no doubt that the axe would float to the top.

This is a man who trusted the Lord with all is being and his faith is great. It speaks volumes regarding his relationship with the Lord. He was a friend of God. I yearn for that kind of relationship. I see floating as a place of growing. When floating, we are moving and not staying in one place. There are times the Lord wants us to stay put but not budging when the Lord tells us to move on will keep us stagnant. In the natural stagnant waters are hazardous and smelly. In the spiritual there possibly will be consequences since we may not walk into the destiny God has for us. God’s plan is good so keep floating. Like typically everything in life there is a good and negative side, floating is no exception. When we are floating we are drifting and we do not want to float/drift away from the Lord. Neglecting our quite time with the Lord, missing church frequently, barely keeping in the Word are signs of floating/drifting away from the Lord. As I mentioned in the beginning, good worship music is a great way to float/rest in the Lord, it will help keep us from floating/drifting away from Him.

Be blessed and float with God.

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