Words by Peggy

I have always felt that words are the most inadequate form of communication.  Both speaker and listener are responsible for the analysis of what is spoken, and the margin of error is huge.

Words are easily misinterpreted, flowing unchecked like a swelled river.  They are sometimes elusive and hard to find, frustrating both speaker and listener. They are hurtful, bullying, encouraging, loving and comforting. They are what we have, and they define who we are. They are the most powerful contrivance in mankind’s tool box.

My favorite is the written word. It is poetic and personal, putting far more burden on the writer than the reader.  A well-written tome can transport the reader into its world, seemingly making him or her a character in the story. It’s experiential, expanding the realm of one’s consciousness into places not yet thought of.  It’s exciting, consuming, and can be somewhat annoying when the reader comes to the end.

Then there is also the penned word that is not well-written.  Oh, I don’t mean a boring novel or an article that holds no interest to the reader.  I’m talking of the assault of words that is vomited on a daily basis on social media.

The constant barrage of opinions about everything and anything is a clanging gong inside the head of the reader.  You know of whom I speak: the feckless thugs who mess with the delicate minds of young people, or the bullies who would have us believe if we don’t share the same political views then we are surely mentally unequipped to be a part of society, so we should somehow be annihilated. Those who seem to be yelling and berating everyone who is not they.

I, for one, have grown weary of it. Of course, we can scroll past such ninnies and just ignore them, which is normally what I do. Sometimes though, it becomes personal and hard to ignore.

As an example, I have been told that I am not a good enough Christian because I don’t choose to proselytize on social media.  I find that odd, since most people who get to know me learn exactly who I am and what I believe, in a non-confrontational way.  I recently asked someone who was kind of castigating me for not being more vocal about Jesus if they even read my book.  They had not.  Interesting that I would be judged for not writing a flash-in-the-pan social media post, but the judge had not even read the book that I penned which points the reader to Jesus in every single chapter.

I believe there is a five-fold ministry in the church (apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist and pastor),. Billy Graham functioned under the calling of evangelist, and he did it well. I so admire him. I am not called as an evangelist; I am a witness.  I do not compromise.  I choose to love. I choose to pray.  I try not to judge as if I’m God. I believe in Jesus and I know Him to be true.

Yet, somehow, I don’t measure up because I don’t join in with the religious talking heads on the facebook.  Truth be known, I find I don’t even agree with most of what the right-winged screamers are writing.  I find many attitudes and opinions that fly around under the banner of Christendom are anything but loving and seem more self-serving.  Maybe they are just poorly written, but that is this reader’s interpretation of the posts that I see.

I have been told that I should use the social media forum and join the political persuaders, for or against whatever issue is trending.  Seriously?  I feel bombarded by explosive and contentious debates seeking to leave me wounded with shrapnel that burns its way into nightmares of rage and insanity.  Good heavens, why would I want to jump on that bandwagon?  I find myself running for cover. Stop screaming at me!  Geez louise!

In recent months we have once again followed the reports of mass shootings of our babies.  Social media has risen to epic proportions debating “could have, would have, should have” scenarios.  The gun toters and gun controllers have taken over the facebook with their rants.  The politicians are scrambling to hold on to votes from every sector.  The screaming is getting louder, and, I fear, the solutions further away.

I weep for what we are becoming as a society.  I pray for our safety and protection and for divine intervention to stop the madness. I pray for the world we are leaving our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  I pray for those that don’t know God to learn of His grace and mercy. I pray for forgiveness for my own shortcomings.  I pray for the leadership of this country. I promise you, I pray. But my opinions on it all?

I find I have no words.

 “ Words  kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Proverbs 18:21 The Message (MSG)

One thought on “Words by Peggy

  1. Peg, you have vocalized exactly how I feel. It is disheartening to read disparaging social media comments concerning people and issues with whom a “friend” disagrees.


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